Gokulam ghee is prepared from Gangateri breeds of cows. These cows graze freely in the forest around the banks of Ganges. These cows eat selective herbs and thus the ghee prepared from their A2 milk is of high medicinal value.
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A2 milk is collected from the gopalak (farmer) who have gangateri breeds of cows and graze them in forest. The ghee is prepared in a bilona way where the milk is set to curd then churned to get makhan. This makhan is then set to fire to get Gokulam Farm ghee.
Ghee doesn’t have any shelf life provided it is unadulterated and stored in a proper container.
However, it is recommended once the ghee bottle is open it must be consumed within 9 to 12 months.
Unlike the market method where the fat is separated from the milk and then heated to get ghee. The by-product of cream is toned milk which is sold in market at quite a good price. However, Gokulam Ghee is prepared by traditional bilona method where 30 to 35 litres of milk is boiled and set to curd to get one litre of Gokulam ghee. And, the butter milk is a cheaper by-product which we get in bilona method.
Yes, our ghee has been tested in lab and our firm has FSSAI licence. The lab report of our ghee can be seen by the customers on our web page.
We deliver our ghee PAN India through courier services.
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We prepare our Ghee from the milk of cows that graze freely in the forest of Ganges which makes it healthy and organic. No chemical involved.
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